Meatup: Urban Food Market style

10 10 2010

(Divine duck rillettes from @urbanfoodmarket and @Lordie82)

Sure Spitbucket is good; there’s wine, chat and merriment. But there’s nothing worse than all the fun being ruined by an empty stomach. You try to concentrate on what’s before you, but your eyes listlessly scan the horizon for canape waiters, fast food joints or roadkill. You nod in appreciation at the witty repartee, but really you’re thinking “I could probably eat your arm…or at least a few fingers. Hoisin and garlic marinade perhaps?”

Well let this never be a charge levelled at the Spitbucket Sessions. I’m extremely happy to announce that Tim Elwin will be supplying the tastiest of meaty morsels from now on…and for as long as we keep his glass filled with wine I suspect. Pretty much as soon as we landed in Sydney the Urban Food Market loomed large on our radar and we’ve been going back for supreme Mirragong grass-fed Wagyu steak and mince, free-range pork sausages, sublime pancetta and juicy Bultarra saltbush lamb ever since.

This isn’t just produce with a noble, sustainable story. It’s some of the best quality meat I’ve ever encountered…anywhere. You can order online here – or you can head to the Kings Cross markets of a Saturday morning and choose your cuts while enjoying a spit-roasted lamb or grass-fed wagyu beef roll. It’s exactly the sort of thing that makes early morning markets bearable!

Tim is already a supplier of Coast Restaurant, so he’s able to have a chat to head chef (and wine lover!) Adam Lord – @Lordie82 – about what’s going to work with that particular wine theme. In this case it was veal and duck to go with Kiwi Pinot Noir. Between them they really know meat…and what to do with it.

(Vitello Tonnato from @urbanfoodmarket and @Lordie82)

(Duck breast and figs from @urbanfoodmarket and @Lordie82)

Make sure you get along to the next Spitbucket Session to check out Coast’s beautiful Rooftop Bar and Adam and Tim’s meaty creations. Oh and there might be wine too…