The Scribbles

I spent nearly four years penning bits and pieces for the excellent (ahem…) Bibendum Blog, which is now part of Bibendum Times. Four happy years of great wine and invites to tastings and wine regions. I suppose I did a lot of other work too…but it’s easier to remember all the good wine. The highlights were those madcap En Primeur trips through Bordeaux in 2006 and 2007 and Burgundy in 2006. With the Kiwi at the wheel and the venerable Ben Collins providing equal quantities of anecdotes and abuse from the back seat, we hared through world famous vineyards, vainly trying to figure out whether the Margaux UGC was to the left or right. We gave more than one Frenchman on his bicyclette an early morning fright.

Since arriving in Australia I’ve toyed with the idea of getting my own blog going, usually binning the idea as I hardly have time to read the interesting blogs of others, let alone write one of my own. But the advent of the Spitbucket Sessions means that I need a base; somewhere to send people to find out more; to reveal the topics coming up; to run a critical pen over the wines that end up on the bench. And that means I can slide the odd rant in there too. Just the odd one mind…

You can also follow me on twitter if you like at up_shiraz.


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