Riesling is Rising

5 02 2011

It’s been a big few weeks for the Riesling lovers of Syndey…and hopefully the rest of Australia too. We’ve had all manner of Riesling events: rampages, riots and risings, with plenty more to come in the next couple of weeks. Make sure you check out the “Summer of Riesling” website for all the details.

The crucial thing about the Summer of Riesling has been its clear focus on getting Riesling into people’s mouths. Major broadsheet wine critics have been reviewing Australian and Kiwi Riesling regularly and brilliantly for years, but this doesn’t seem to trickle down to the majority of drinkers. If you have pre-conceived notions of  Riesling: “sweet”, “popular with grannies”, “go back to the 70’s” etc. then a newspaper review isn’t going to move you. The only thing that will is a top tasting experience and that’s what we’ve all tried to provide in the Summer of Riesling.

Last week’s Spitbucket provided a beautiful snapshot of the diversity of Riesling around the world. Personal favourites of mine included the Clonakilla 2010, the Tamar Ridge 2009, the Donnhoff Dry 2009 and the sensational Haart Piesport Domherr Spatlese.

A couple of weeks prior Fine Wine Partners hosted a fabulous tasting in the beautiful Tokonoma restaurant in Surry Hills. The goal was to show off a tip-top Riesling portfolio and get as many people tasting as possible. I was still amazed that despite my urgings, people didn’t want to break stride, come inside the bar and taste Riesling…for free. Even so, the bar was packed for the duration. Enjoy the Spitbucket video below:




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